Problem Solver (Nov 2018 – present)

Cargo (2020 – )
  1. Dev environment (based on the dev env from Carbon Exchange Project).
  2. Django customization (custom solution for configuration).
  3. SSO Auth for API.
  4. Unique Password Login (Cognito + Custom Lambdas).
  5. Streamlined deployments of Lambda Functions (and wrote tooling to ease the development).
  6. Maintainer of bitbucket-pipeline.
  7. Custom deployment system and relevant tooling.
  8. Set up sre/pe resources and tooling.
Carbon Capture project (circa 2019)
  1. Automated deployments on push to master.
  2. Dev environment (based on docker-compose and aws elb).
  3. Took over the Web UI (NuxtJS + Vue app) and delivered (along with a coworker) a working version in 2 weeks.
ML project (circa 2018)
  1. Django based dashboard to monitor trading runs (using sso for log in).
  2. Tensorboard proxy app (TODO – explain).
  3. Agent registry: package together the Trading Agent code, along with the weights data. Provide ways to manage the agent packages along with ways to execute them (with the correct code version and data).

Sabbatical Leave

(May 2018 – Nov 2018)

Sailing all over… East England (and Ireland).


Software Engineer (Sep 2014 – May 2018)

  • Built initial tooling to allow developers to use fb devservers for building and deploy software on custom hardware.
  • Built an internal tool for device management.
  • Point of contact for our team services. Helped other fb teams integrate with our services, including cross department.
  • Helped my team integrate with various other fb services.
  • Design and built the lab network.


Software Engineer (Jun 2010 – Sep 2014)

  • In charge with the Campaigns API module.
  • Help plan features in collaboration with other departments and the product team.
  • Analyze the full impact of new features on the existing data and code base, including changes required on different modules. Propose solutions and changes to the specs.
  • Support the product team in gathering of requirements to ensure the features are properly integrated with the existing system.
  • In charge with rewriting the framework used by the API, for the upcoming HPH migration.
  • Support the other departments on using the API and understand the logged data.

Nextgen Systems

Software Engineer (Apr 2009 – Jun 2010)

  • Sr Web Developer specialized on integrating various other applications/systems with a students management system. Worked with ColdFusion, Oracle Db, Flash and Flex, Adobe Connect etc.


Software Engineer (Mar 2006 – Dec 2008) – [details]

  • Design and prototype an authentication mechanism for webapps based on usb fingerprint reader.
  • Design and development of “usb firewall” software for Windows.
  • Design and development of TrustedDevices proprietary technology (usb firewall for enterprise).

Network Administrator (Mar 2006 – Dec 2008)

  • Plan and implement network security, including building firewalls, applying cryptography to network applications, managing host security, file permissions, backup and disaster recovery plans, file system integrity, and user management. Provided ongoing status reports on project requirements, status and tracking to executives.
  • Anticipate communication and networking problems and implement preventive measures.
  • Perform and/or oversee software and application development, installation, and upgrades.
  • Evaluate and/or recommend purchases of computers, network hardware, peripheral equipment, and software.

Vimore Soft

Software Engineer (Aug 2003 – Oct 2005) – [details]

Design from scratch (including initial requirements identification phase) and built database-driven applications for corporate websites, intranets, booking systems, content and document management, tracking and statistics as well as specialized search engines modules (crawlers).