I sail, drink beer and know crap. And in my spare time, I do computer related stuff.

I built my first database driven app, a Windows App, using Delphi when I was about 10. It helped my parents keep track of their patients’ visits. It even had an installer. It is, to date, my only software that got pirated. I never made any money out of it. Or built more than one version.

In between then and now I’ve built a number of web frameworks, mostly with PHP, a bunch of photo galleries (mod_rewrite FTW!), got hired to build a porn site, but ended up building security software for Windows, proposed a product that could have beaten Dropbox, but got instead shut down because “it’s too hard”, in general learned how systems work so I can either duplicate them or use them for the task at hand.

I am the person you call when you have no idea how to approach a problem, as long as there is a tiny link to a computer.

I believe that automation won’t replace humans, most people are not that smart and if I wasn’t lazy, I would take over the world. Easily.